5. Recommendations

Solutions to easing the problem of water quality in Singapore:
Idea 1:
From what we have collated,

We need to help others to stop wasting our precious water and spread the message of not littering so that the waters (rivers etc) will not be polluted/contaminated. 

We have devised a system, that can help others to do the right thing. 

It will remind the people on what is right to do. (not waste water and not litter into the seas etc) The wifi sign on the device will be connected to any electronic device the person has and will detect what they are doing. If they are doing something wrong, the device will blink red and a voice will be commanded, "Stop _____ (action you are doing)" It will only stop when you do the right thing.

Idea 2:
Improvement of NEWater 
We can devise a system such that the UV violet rays will play a part in purifying the water. The water will also be of a higher water standard as the the ammonium nitrate sensors will prompt the advance membrane technologies and ultra violet disinfection to make it cleaner, having only about an index of 3 for ammonium nitrogen and nitrate.

Idea 3:
We can put up posters everywhere to remind people of the importance of water and how we might conserve it instead of wasting it. We will also host talks about it to various schools and other organisations out there so that they will be able to spread the message to others, thus ensuring that people do their part to save water. We can also set up exhibition booths during events to let people know more about water.

Idea 4:
Improvement of Desalination
Since desalination is expensive, we have thought of a way for it to be used to its fullest! Our improvement is to use graphene, which will be able to increase the efficiency of desalination by two to three magnitudes! When using a graphene filter, it is  important to have a lot of control of the size of the holes in the filter, or more accurately, the variation of the sizes of the holes. You need to make sure that all the holes are small enough to keep the salt out if you want to achieve true desalination. Other than that, you need to make sure that the filter stays stable under pressure; do not let it breach! (if not all your efforts will go to waste)

Idea 5:
We can help by not littering into the seas and perhaps, do our part by cleaning up beaches and recycling. Instead of destroying our biodiversity, as well as our water quality, we can do our part to lift standards of our water by cleaning up the beach (of litter, cans etc). In this way, the seas will be clean and the water we drink (although purified), can be of better quality!

Idea 7:
We should organise weekly/monthly activities for people to participate together. From the activities, we will reinforce the importance of water and how we should protect it. 

Idea 8:

We should check the water pipes at home regularly so that we will ensure that there will not be any water leaks in the pipes, and if there really is a leak, we will be more alert about it and we can fix it earlier. When we do this, it prevents more water from being wasted and thus saves more water.

Idea 9: 
Offer people money for rubbish just like Stamford Raffles and people will want cash and save their rubbish instead of littering. When people throw away their litter, they could be rewarded with cash as an encouragement for them to do more in the future!

Idea 10: 

Create a water credit card to limit people to using only a certain amount of water. They have to scan it when collecting water and different people will be given different limits regarding the amount of water they use. For example; children (12 years old and below) will be given 30 litres and adults (30 years old to 55 years old) will be given 40 litres. Regarding exceptional cases like athletes, they would be given slightly more than the average adult.

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