7. Acknowledgements

  We, Group A, would like to thank all the people who have helped us in the survey:
1) Kenneth Kiang Jia Ming, S2-09
2) Nikisha Tan-Mishra, S2-09
3) Ray Chua, S2-09
4) Nehal Janaraj, S2-04
5) Kimberly Tan, S2-04

  This is only part of it, the other 39 people remained anonymous but we would still like to thank you for your time and effort! This research project has been a success thanks to you!

  Other than that, we would like to acknowledge the constant feedback from our IRS teacher, Mr Lim. He has not only helped us in the research but also given us a different prospective on life. (teamwork etc) Imparting the knowledge and concepts is one thing but he also tries to make our work the best as he cans so that we would be able to excel!

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